What is a local presence requirement?

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Many country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) have a local presence requirement.

How a “local presence” is defined will vary by registry.

Some common requirements, specific to the country the domain name extension represents, include:

  • Registrant must be a citizen of the country
  • Administrative contact must have a local address
  • Technical contact must have a local address
  • Registrant must hold a Trademark for the country or area (EU for example)
  • Organization must be registered with a recognized government department
  • and more…

Many domain name registrars offer local presence services. Don’t rule out getting your desired domain name before speaking with an international domain expert. There is typically a workaround available.

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How do I register different country code domain name extensions?

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Many countries have their own country code domain name extensions such as .ca (for Canada), .co.uk (United Kingdom) and .ie (Ireland).

In fact, the popularity of these extensions are almost (or more) popular than .com in some areas.

Do you want to own your brand in local extensions?

While many countries have no restrictions on who can register a domain name, many do have restrictions such as:

  • Local Contact Required
  • Local Presence Required
  • Limitation to the number of domains a single company can own
  • Restricted words
  • How the domain name is used
  • and much more.

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