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Domain Name Buy Service

Domain names have come a long way since their first introduction in 1985. Today there are thousands of domain name extensions and millions of dollars in reported domain name sales every week. NameCorp® is proud to be part of this industry and we constantly acquire domain names previously thought to be unavailable for brands worldwide.

What Happens If Your Domain Name Is Unavailable?

This is probably the most common question we get. Unfortunately, the real answer is the only domain names that are YOURS are the ones you own. In a perfect world, every brand would own their perfect domain name. However, the Internet is an impressive imperfect market where domain names are scarce and many different brands from many different parts of the world often try to stake the same claim.

How we help

How We Help.

Most generic domain names including dictionary words, first and last names, and common word combinations are gone. Some of these are owned by investors, others are owned by brands.

There are some exceptions that help companies use trademark laws to obtain names but very few true exceptions really exist. The more common (and successful) way to acquire YOUR domain name is to engage proper representation.

At NameCorp® we understand the current markets for domain name acquisitions. NameCorp® clients benefit from years of experience and privileged access to our extensive network of industry professionals. We also often assist companies with proxy services to help contain costs.

Why NameCorp

Why NameCorp?

This is the moment where we are supposed to tell you about our decades of experience, millions of dollars in transactions and extensive network of contacts but in effort to go Internet green we will save the font for another day.

Our primary goal at NameCorp® is to exceed your expectations. We may have all the tools but ultimately our success is measured only by YOUR definition of success. This is something where a paragraph on a Web page doesn’t seem like the best forum for discussion. After all, we have no idea what you need.

We are not an agency for everyone, but we are THE agency for many. That should win you over.

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