Why Upgrade Your Domain Name?

Don’t just ask us. Listen to other Founders and Entrepreneurs explain why they acquired the best .com for their brand below.

Buffer App acquires Buffer.com domain name

Buffer acquired Buffer.com: Here is how they did it

Great article explaining the long road to finally acquiring the Buffer.com domain name.

Prosper rebrands to Copper.com

From ProsperWorks to Copper – Copper CRM

Great read on the re-branding of ProsperWorks to Copper and the acquisition of Copper.com

Why Cover acquired the Cover.com domain name

You should never spend $825K on a domain — but here’s why I’m glad I did

Read why Karn Saroya, Co-founder & CEO at Cover,  purchased the Cover.com domain name. 

Extend acquires the Extend.com domain name

New URL…who’s this? Extend’s new home at Extend.com

Woody Levin, Founder of Extend, explains his joy of acquiring the Extend.com domain name.

The story of acquiring Fair.com domain name

Names with stories: The story behind Fair.com

An interview with Scott Painter, CEO at Fair about acquiring the Fair.com domain name.

Why Pillows.com was a great domain name purchase

Inside Interview: Why Buying Pillows.com Was Worth Every Penny

Craig Clark, a Co-Founder of PacificPillows.com, explains the successful re-brand to Pillows.com

Why Woven acquired the Woven.com domain name

How Woven.com got its domain name

View why former Facebook CIO Tim Campos thought it was so important to acquire this domain name.

How Ring acquired the Ring.com domain name for $1,000,000

CEO Confirms He Paid $1 Million for Ring.com Domain

Ring CEO & Chief Inventor Jamie Siminoff explains the unforgettable brand power of this domain name.

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