Why Hire a Domain Name Broker?

A common question is “Why should we use a domain broker to acquire a domain name?”.

Outside of keeping your identity private you also often need someone who has 007 skills to just find an owner. Here’s a good example of some work we did to find an owner last year.

  • Contacted WHOIS email (noreply) and phone number (disconnected). Pulled Reverse WHOIS analyzing historical WHOIS records. Found alternate email (noreply) and phone number (also disconnected) but…
  • Found the name of the company who registered the domain and a contact person. Located the company in Ontario. Found multiple listings of the company with a new phone number (disconnected).
  • Found a “sighting” of the individual who possibly moved from Ontario to Nunavut although no new contact information was found. It did confirm she moved and the company was no longer at its last location.
  • Found a LinkedIn listing of the company which also listed another employee. Decided to contact that employee for a lead. No listing or contact information however she had another company listed on her LinkedIn profile. They have a webpage…
  • We call the number and the old employee answers. She explains the original owner has died and that another employee may have purchased the assets of the company. She then (kindly) provides her home and cell number.
  • We contact this next person and she explains she never acquired the domain and the owner’s daughter (which is the original email on the WHOIS) is the owner and she did move to Nunavut but came back and bought a place in another Ontario town – but had no contact information.
  • We do another search for the company name and find a street address and phone number in that city. The phone number is disconnected and the house was just listed for a sale a few months ago. The house sold and the listing was removed 2 weeks ago.
  • We now contact the listing agent and explain why we are calling. She agrees to pass on a message to the owner. The owner calls a few days later…..

This is just one example.

Good brokers understand people and patience. Hire the right one.

Alan Dunn

Managing Director at NameCorp®
Alan Dunn is a senior digital naming expert and brand consultant with over 20 years of experience. He is the Managing Director of NameCorp®, former Managing Director of Domain Holdings (acquired by Flippa) and, a contributor to Tech Crunch, Business Insider, Quartz and other key publications. Alan was also nominated to the TRAFFIC Domain Name Hall of Fame in 2014, won TRAFFIC Developer of the Year in 2012 and has appeared on BBC One Radio. Follow Alan on Twitter @alangdunn.

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