Canada’s ccTLD (country code top level domain) .ca is one of the more popular domain name extensions. However, ownership requirements are stricter than a typical .com domain name.

In order to register a .CA domain name you must agree to terms set by CIRA (The Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and certain Canadian Presence Requirements must be met.

As of December 2020, the applicant requirements to register a .ca domain name include:

  1. Canadian citizen
  2. Permanent resident
  3. Legal representative of Canadian citizen or Canadian Permanent resident
  4. Canadian Corporation
  5. Trust (with more than 66.6% of trustees made up of 1-4 above)
  6. Partnership (with more than 66.6% of trustees made up of 1-5 above)
  7. Association (see Cira CPR for details)
  8. Trade Union recognized by laws of Canada with its head office in Canada
  9. Political Party (registered in Canada)
  10. Educational Institutions (registered in Canada)
  11. Library, Archive or Museum (located in Canada)
  12. Hospital (located in Canada)
  13. Indian band.
  14. Aboriginal Peoples.
  15. Government.
  16. Trade-mark registered in Canada.
  17. Official marks
  18. Her Majesty the Queen. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second and her successors
  19. And more.

Before applying for a .ca domain we recommend reading the current .CA requirements which can be found from CIRA’s home page.

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