Domain names have come a long way since their introduction 30 years ago. Today, there are 1000’s of domain name extensions and millions of dollars in reported sales every week. We are not a marketplace, however. At NameCorp® we specialize only in premium domains both in quality and price.

Do you own a domain name good enough to earn representation?

The combination of price + quality is critical for us to meet your expectations. If you think you have a premium domain name, contact us. We will certainly respond quickly to all premium requests. The best way to reach our team is by email:


NameCorp® is dedicated to providing the highest representation and we carefully curate our inventory. Some of your domains may be worth much more than you think, some may be worth much less. The only way to understand is to contact us for a comprehensive valuation. If your expectations are in line with ours then there is a good chance we can work together.


Do you own a domain name worth $100,000 or $100? The answer is not as easy as you think.

The most significant element of any domain name is intangible — a buyer’s desire for the domain.

While real estate and domain name values have many common elements, the quantitative measures are quite different. At NameCorp® we understand how to value domain names using a complex formula that is unique to every domain name. This formula involves analyzing current markets, comparable sales, potential buyers and much more.

Contact us for a qualified opinion.


Finding the right buyer is not an easy task. However, finding the right agency to explore potential buyers is (you are already here).

At NameCorp® we dedicate extensive time and money exploring potential matches between domain sellers and domain buyers. We like to think we coined the word “matchmaker” but in reality it probably was taken before (maybe). Where we excel is in our due diligence and data-driven approach to finding matches worldwide. Don’t tell Q.