Most Expensive Domain Name Sales Of All Time

Domain names were once available for free, but that is no longer the case. Almost all good dot-com domain names are registered, and the aftermarket is thriving with millions of dollars in reported sales every week.

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What is categorized as a domain name sale?

A domain name sale is categorized as the sale of a “raw” domain name — a sale where only the asset is sold, and not the underlying business.

For instance, Quinstreet’s 2010 purchase of for $49.7 million would be a prime example of a business selling and not just a domain name. Facebook’s acquisition of, on other hand, would be classified as a domain name sale.

It’s also important to note that many of the domain names listed below have been re-sold in private transactions since the original, reported purchase date. Examples include and

Below is a list of the most expensive reported domain name sales from a variety of sources, including and Note that many industry experts believe over 75% of domain name sales are “unreported.” – For example, we never report sales and know other brokerages that don’t either. The reason is pure and simple — most high-end sales require confidentiality.