How can I acquire an expired domain name?

2020-12-09T07:30:50+00:00December 3rd, 2020|

The domain you want is expiring so it’s natural to think “Great, I will register the domain name when it expires”.

Sorry, if the domain name of interest is any good you likely have zero chance of getting it alone.

The domain name aftermarket is a billion-dollar industry. Hundreds of companies (and individuals) have spent millions and millions of dollars building technology to catch domain names milliseconds after they become available.

Some expired domains never even make it to general availability but go directly to auction.

The expiring domain name sector is probably the most fascinating and consistently profitable (by measure of ROI) area of domain names in general.

The odds of catching a domain name depends on factors such as:

  • What registrar the domain name is registered?
  • What technology you are using to “catch” the domain?
  • What status the domain is in? – expiration is not the only stage
  • and so much more.

Connect with us today and learn about more acquiring an expired domain name. We literally catch them all the time.

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