We Know Domains.

Whether it’s starting with the wrong domain, waiting on a funding announcement before inquiring about a domain name or choosing a social handle similar to a popular one used for vice.

There are many reasons to outsource your domain name acquisition and management needs to experts.

Over 20 Years Experience


    Over the last 20 years we have been involved with buying domains, selling domains, website development, trademark guidance, social marketing, native advertising and much more. We have also been owners, sellers, publishers, advertisers, developers and users. All which have been in scale.


    With more than two decades of experience from award-winning staff you can bet an extensive network of industry contacts is part of the package. NameCorp® clients benefit not only from our experience but also from the collective intelligence of our industry contacts.


    We understand the value of your brand and partner with clients who understand we are part of the solution. Our fees are always secondary to maximizing the value of our services. At the very core NameCorp® is a trusted advisor to clients rather than a service provider. This is something we take great pride in. Anyone can sell, few can provide real value.


    From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies the staff of NameCorp® has helped brands worldwide define, promote, acquire and sell digital assets. This global reach across many different continents and languages gives us a solid foundation to service clients.

NameCorp® Services. What We Do.

  • Acquisition Services

    Stealth acquisitions are a large part of what we do. Our management has participated in well over $50Million of aftermarket transactions and advises clients regularly on potential acquisitions. Some of the recommendations are to fix holes in a client’s existing portfolio, while others are based on new domain needs (such as new products, rebranding, etc.).

  • Portfolio Management

    We offer corporate domain name management where the client is always in control of the domain names. Our management has managed domains through almost every existing top registrar, and understands the mechanics of each one. The client will always have access to the domains and will never be charged an additional release or high transfer fee to move from one registrar to another.

    We believe in dual management, where the client always has access to make domain modifications (such as DNS changes), while we take care of the time-sensitive and organizational transactions such as billing, renewals, consolidation, transfers and more. Sometimes we do both.

  • Portfolio Optimization and Monitoring

    Registering domain names is one thing, but what happens when you have a large portfolio?

    Many brands have domains timing out, domains pointing to old 404 pages, and even six-figure domain acquisitions with incorrect WHOIS information. For example, Marriott owned luxuryhotels.com for years and it only went to a blank page.

    We provide regular monitoring of all domain name assets, including WHOIS records, DNS changes and more. We also create specialized reports so your IT team is alerted to changes as they happen.

  • Dispute Services

    As with any brand, cybersquatting will happen. We have legal counsel specializing in domain name law to assist with recommendations on (potentially) acquiring domain names through dispute resolution services. Our counsel is well-regarded in the industry and focuses primarily on IP and domain name law, both internationally and domestically.

  • Strategy Services

    One of our core services is working with brands to create a domain name strategy for brand, product and trademark protection. This service is customized around the individual client’s needs and involves traditional top-level domains, international domain names and, if required, new generic top-level domains.

    This process includes a thorough evaluation of current domain name assets, suggestions on acquisitions (including both available and aftermarket) and a complete insight into the landscape of existing top-level domains relative to the client’s needs.

  • Domain Name Registration

    At times, clients will want to hand-register domain names. We have years of experience registering and managing domain names, including top level (.com, .net, .org) and country codes (.co.uk, .de, .fr, etc.).

    This experience allows us to provide and assist with much more than registration. We offer comprehensive insight into the nuances of international domain name registration, including solutions to achieve your acquisition targets working within the existing policies of TLD’s.