Just a few of the services we offer.

Brand Monitoring

We monitor personal and corporate brands across domain name extensions looking for unauthorized trademark use, possible impersonation, brand infringement and confusingly similar registrations.

Trademark Monitoring

We monitor personal and corporate trademarks across WIPO, USPTO, EUIPO and more, watching for trademark registrations which may be confusingly similar, infringe on existing marks and/or be cause for possible impersonation.

Global Domain Audit

We analyze world markets to determine how your brand is being used throughout country code top level domains (ccTLD’s). This provides us with a global view of your brand’s use in top level domain name extensions.

Domain Name Disputes

We provide assistance with domain name disputes through relationships with many of the top domain name attorneys in the world.

Social Media Monitoring

We help protect your brand throughout popular social media platforms including assistance with obtaining handles and unauthorized page take downs.

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